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4 Crucial Things To Know About WordPress


4 Crucial Things To Know About WordPress

4 Crucial Things To Know About WordPress


If you want to understand just how prevalent WordPress is these days, just do some research. Most of the sites you’ll visit to learn about WordPress are, in fact, built with WordPress. WordPress is a CMS, or content management system, which allows you to upload or create and publish content easily through an admin console, and WordPress then codes it for you. From bloggers to designers and company managers, millions of users are turning to WordPress for the user-friendly experience and functionality, so let’s dive in and take a moment to get to know WordPress a bit better.


The History


WordPress is a web-based software that is used for creating websites, and offers free and paid services to its users. The most appealing feature of WordPress is the accessibility it offers to users hoping to share their opinion, service, or product with the world. It provides a framework by which users can easily present any information they would like in a visually appealing way, without having to learn how to code a website themselves.


WordPress was conceived in 2003 by both Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. They came together to develop a novel software built on the backbone of b2/cafelog, which was created by Michael Valdrighi. WordPress experienced its rise to fame, however, when it’s competitor Moveable Type (also a CMS) decided to change their pricing plans, causing many of their users to flock to WordPress. Free to use and easy to modify, 12 years later WordPress now takes credit for around 22% of websites running on the internet.


The Economics


Co-founder Matt Mullenweg founded his company Automattic Inc. in 2005 just a couple years after the inception of WordPress. This company forms the WordPress backbone in terms of supporting the open source nature of the software alongside other sites that help to deregulate publishing and development.


Automattic Inc. boasts less than 400 employees— compared to Google’s whopping 55,000– and is already worth over 1 Billion. These numbers further illustrate the efficiency and popularity of WordPress as a platform.


The Competitors


Platforms that claim to provide the same level of web design and blogging services as WordPress are plentiful on the web. The top 16 alternatives to WordPress vary in nature and in capability, and the only way to decide if one is better suited for your business goals is by doing plenty of research.


How It’s Used
From rookie bloggers to flourishing entrepreneurs, WordPress provides a fertile foundation for a wide variety of users and needs. In fact, about 20,000 users claim to make a living from using WordPress. More likely than not, most websites you have visited are powered by WordPress, and this platform is making its mark on digital media and web software in a truly major way.


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