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3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Social Media Marketing

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3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Social Media Marketing

3 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Social Media Marketing

As social media becomes more prevalent than ever and new platforms continue to emerge, companies have had little choice but to embrace the social media presence. In fact, reportedly 78% of companies have a dedicated social media team. With approximately 93% of marketers claiming to make use of social media for business, its safe to say it’s not just for taking pictures of food or sharing ‘FAIL’ videos anymore. Twitter, for example, has grown to now enjoy a 232+ million active user base, who account for over 500 million daily tweets. What we can gather from all of this is that pictures and videos are the future and present of marketing, but with Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine becoming more popular each day, this future is becoming more certain than ever. Taking this into consideration, here are 3 major ways to become the MacGyver of Social Media Marketing.

Create a SMM budget

Back in 2013, there was an estimated $10.24 Billion dollars spent on social advertising. This meteoric rise has led to more and more companies steadily developing social advertising strategies and dedicating larger portions of their budget to it. As far as popularity goes, Twitter and Facebook are still the top platforms for advertising, but Pinterest and LinkedIn are climbing in the ranks. Depending on what your is and what kind of budget you can allot, all of these platforms have an array of options to meet your needs.

Focus on customer experience

A major aspect of having a successful social media marketing strategy is focusing on customer service. The accessibility to a company that social media has provided gives customers an easy way to voice their problems and their praises, and when the company actively interacts with these it leads to a major boost in image. One report suggests that over 42% of consumers who reach out to a brand over social media expect a reply within an hour, and a staggering 80% of them actually go unanswered. With these statistics in mind, its easy to see how important it is now more than ever to integrate your social strategy, focusing on everything from sales to customer service. If you are feeling like you’re behind the curve, don’t– only an estimated 17% of companies feel that their social platforms are fully developed.

Invest in Analytics

A common reason amongst companies who are reluctant to begin a social media marketing division is because they do not understand how to get any sense of a return on their investment, or they can’t get a report on how it is helping the brand at all. Thankfully, the soar of social media popularity has resulted in a number of social media management services which work across various platforms. These utilities not only allow you to compose and schedule posts far in advance and have them sent out automatically, but they also run analytics across all platforms. These analytics break down a variety of major insights from popularity of certain trending topics that relate to your brand, the most active demographic following your brand, which posts are receiving the most engagement, etc. With this information it is easy to recognize patterns and better tailor your ad campaigns, as well as more effectively interact with your audience and hone your influence over their attention. Once you form a dedicated strategy around what it is exactly you are trying to achieve with your social media, you can more effectively choose a social media management and analytics platform that is right for you.

The MacGyver Effect

The future of social media marketing is bright indeed, but what will make you the MacGyver of SMM is how you adapt to change and work with what you have. Broadening your insights will provide much more to work with, hence why investing in analytics is a key factor. This, paired with customer interaction and a reasonable budget will ensure that you have much success with your brand through social media, leading to unrivaled brand recognition and your brand reaching a larger audience.

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