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How To Make Your Flyer Designs Hotter Than Kim Kardashian


How To Make Your Flyer Designs Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

How To Make Your Flyer Designs Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

If you’ve read the title, then you can tell we’re ambitious. That being said, we are going to do our best to live up to that title and walk you through the special touches of design required to make your flyer designs hotter than Kim Kardashian. You may have been told that you need to be comfortable with Photoshop to make great graphic design work. Whoever told you this is disastrously misinformed, and upon finishing this article you may want to sit them down and set them straight– you are doing the world a favor. There are plenty of great services that allow you the creative freedom (albeit somewhat limited) of photoshop while delivering awesome usability. Canva is just one of these programs, and it provides you with great templates, interactive tutorials, and free content alongside much more. Let’s start off with some design tips to keep in mind when using a Flyer Template or ‘Flyer Maker Thingy’ (as it is also called in some circles).


Design Principles


There are several principles of design that you must know if you want your flyers to be even remotely as hot as Kim Kardashian. All together, you will not only make your flyer as hot as Ms. Lawrence but it will be, dare I say, even hotter.

Balance & Repetition


If hotness is measured as the aesthetically pleasing aspects of a person or thing, then you MUST understand how crucial balance is to the overall hotness of your flyer. By using space evenly, you are unifying not only the flyer but the message you are sending. Also, duplicating shapes or designs across the space forms repetition, and helps to move the eye in a certain direction. This is an extremely useful tool in designing flyers and you have certainly seen it countless times whether you were aware or not, being subconsciously drawn to its inherent hotness. I have included an example of balance & repetition below:



Contrast & Dominance


Kim Kardashian knows a lot about contrast and dominance. She plays often contrasting roles, but no matter what she dominates them– horrible analogy, I know. Moving on– contrast in this case is referring to putting opposites next to each other on your design in order to make them “pop”. This applies mostly to your use of color, say for instance you have a black background, you will want to use white font and vice-versa in order to really pop out at the viewer. This can also apply to text, for instance having your main title very large font while the text under it is a smaller, different font. This contrast adds variety and dimension to your flyer and catches attention more effectively.


Dominance in this case is going to be very similar to our interpretation of contrast, but less black & white (get it?). In your design you want to make use of color dominance, or having bright solid colors dominate over lighter tones and play them off each other. This is different from contrast because it is wider reaching, encompassing all colors and tones as well as shapes and texts. Playing the dominance of different elements of your design off of each other, such as big and small circles, really adds a cool effect that the brain finds attractive, just like Kim.



Hierarchy & Shapes


When designing your flyer, you will undoubtedly want a certain aspect featured over everything else. Hierarchy is effectively the order in which things are viewed based on their visibility. By layering and adjusting the size of different objects and text, you effectively control what people see and interpret first and last. In the same way, you can make certain portions of text that you want people to be drawn to more attractive and vibrant by layering shapes under them. Having something as simple as a shape laid underneath a portion of text can make it stand out much more. Kim Kardashian does not need this, she is gorgeous on her own.

last one




Now go forth and create!


Hopefully this helped shed some light on easy ways to make your flyer designs hotter than Kim Kardashian. It was a tall order, but the delivery will come through you following these basic design principles and, of course, some good practice. Keep Kim in mind throughout your process and ask yourself questions like, “Would Kim Kardashian notice this?”. If the answer is “no”, don’t feel too bad, her time is extremely valuable. If, on the contrary, you feel that your flyer is even somewhat worthy of her, you’re on the right track.



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