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About Us

Stilt Media is a full-service digital creative agency based out of Miami, purposed as an internal creative marketing department to help build businesses in various industries. We take on branding and marketing challenges through a media-agnostic approach, and pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions. In an industry that is evolving rapidly, conventional thinking is not enough. We must be willing to create unique, engaging brand experiences.

Our Philosophy

Passion is a force but it must be channeled. This is why we have our creative process, which serves as the foundation for what we do. Before we leap feet first into a creative development, we learn a brand as best we can; inside and out. With this in hand, we are armed with the knowledge, resources, and firepower needed to build and market brands in this ever-changing multimedia landscape. We study our audience and then take aim. It’s about hitting our target. We squint, we aim and we don’t miss.

Clients & Awards

We don’t mean to brag, but check out our awesome list of clients, partners, and awards.

Clients & Awards
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