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Customers Favor Facebook

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Customers Favor Facebook

Customers Favor Facebook

According to consumers, Facebook is the top tool for customer service.

If companies want to run a successful social media strategy, it must include a detailed customer engagement plan across channels, according to a new report from Accent.


The main key to any successful customer engagement plan through social media is having an understanding of how customers truly use those social channels. Accent Marketing recently published a report which details exactly how brands can lend the right attention to their customers using their social media.


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The firm, based out of Jeffersonville, Indiana composed the survey over a thousand consumers throughout the U.S. in June of last year. The survey focused on how exactly consumers seek out information from brands that they were currently following on their social channels.


Moreover, it looked at which channels in particular were believed to be the most effective for communicating with the brand, as well as the power of their online community.


The report, titled “2014 Consumer Engagement & Today’s Consumer” inevitably showed that brands must understand how the roles regarding customer engagement are evolving. For instance, consumers have transitioned from toll-free calling and sending emails to companies to engaging multiple social media channels instead.


More importantly, the report looked at how consumers seek this information from companies on their social platforms, and how they actually engage with that brand, as well as which channels consumers have come to believe is the best way of communicating with them.


They aimed to focus on the power of brands online communities by asking consumers how much power they feel that they gain from being a part of a particular community. This portion concluded that the main desire of customers is to drive interaction with the company, especially when they want good customer service– which entails interaction.


Image: Accent




  • About one-third of consumers utilize Facebook as a means to speak with a customer service representative.
  • 44% of consumers expect responses from the company through Facebook rather than other social media platforms.
  • Nearly half of consumers (47%) believe that Facebook is the fastest social media channel to use in solving customer service issues.
  • 72% of consumers solely wish to interact with the brand when commenting on social media channels.
  • Two-thirds of consumers utilize facebook in order to find deals and promotions, including 80% of baby boomers.
  • More men than women use Twitter to speak with a brand that they have purchased products from. (34% vs. 25%)
  • Only 55% of baby boomers find it useful or helpful when other customers/followers respond to a question or comment on a company’s social channel, compared to 75% of millennials.
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