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Developing A Brand Strategy For A Changing World


Developing A Brand Strategy For A Changing World

Developing A Brand Strategy For A Changing World



“I never worry about action, but only inaction.” -Winston Churchill


There is a fundamental reason why human behaviors recur time and time again. We are creatures of familiarity and habit-building. It is more comfortable for us on a fundamental level to keep hammering away at what we know than to stop, take a look around, re-evaluate the problem, and completely change the playbook to try to solve it.


Our culture’s persistent speed and widespread impatience has spawned a “not enough time” approach to strategy. At the core of this approach lies two philosophies; that there is not enough time in the day to do the thinking or, even if there is, the strategy will be outdated by the time the company implements it.


But this is just the way things are, right? Wrong. It will almost certainly take you less time to plan ahead than it takes to get yourself into trouble. Moreover, it will cost you far less than performing damage control over a bad snap decision.


When it comes to branding, while mavericks chart a course to forward the brand and emerge anew, there will be those who hate change and will consistently fall back on a simple tactic– if in doubt, just raise more doubt: “What if it doesn’t work?”. It is in these times of inaction where the competition strengthens.

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