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Exploring Shutterstock’s Color Trends of 2014

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Exploring Shutterstock’s Color Trends of 2014

Exploring Shutterstock’s Color Trends of 2014

2014 Color Trends


It is commonly known that colors can represent different things. For instance, yellow is widely associated with joy, happiness, and optimism. Conversely, it is also associated with cowardice, dishonesty, and deceit. It is therefore interesting when one considers the fact that nations across the globe have used it as the primary color in their flag. Thus a question presents itself: Why would a nation want to be encompassed by a color that hold correlation with such negative values?

The Wide World of Color and.. More Color

The seemingly obvious answer is that every corner of the world has different standards of favored colors and definitions of what those colors represent. With color trends being in a constant state of change, one could argue that yellow happened to be the color in fashion at the time of the flag designing, or that yellow was a widely loved color particular to the territory due to natural abundance in local plants and flowers. Color trends can be complex, particularly when its impact is analyzed at a global scale. Lucky for us, Shutterstock released a simple yet comprehensive infographic showcasing which colors were trending this year.


After accumulating data from upwards of 40 million images in their catalogue, as well as the 400+ million all time downloads, they were able to conduct searches based on palette and spectrum to publish the infographic which showcases not only which colors are trending, but where they are trending.


What Does It All Mean?!

Based on the findings, I was surprised to see that use of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, increased by a mere 20% compared to the color green at 81%. It was also interesting to see what colors are most often from country to another. For instance, China, Argentina, and Russia held pink as the color of choice. On the other hand, green was the most popular from North America to some parts of Europe.


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