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How Facebook Has Changed The Consumer Landscape

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How Facebook Has Changed The Consumer Landscape

How Facebook Has Changed The Consumer Landscape

Sure, Facebook and other social media platforms are fun tools that connect you with friends and usually keep you from getting any work done, but they can also be used strategically to help your brand achieve your strategic marketing goals. To truly understand what Facebook and others could be doing for your brand, we have to take a closer look at how it has changed the consumer landscape. Forrester Consulting published a study analyzing precisely this and had found, in their own words, that “The connected world has rerouted the customer journey.” How has it changed the way people think about brands? Well, the traditional purchase funnel used to look something like this diagram below:

 old model

Its very easy to see how this pattern reflects an age dominated by television. You would see a commercial and become familiar with the brand, then after a few times seeing it you may consider buying. Next you purchase the product, then decide you enjoy or prefer it, and finally you identify yourself with said brand. Simple enough, but here is what the study proposed as a successor to the purchase funnel model:

In this diagram, it is important to note that social media influences every stage of the consumer process. Customers find out and learn about new brands via social media, and when it comes time to purchase something, they will consult with their friends via said social media (usually Facebook). After buying the product, most consumers plan to interact with the brands through their social media platforms, and this is where the brand’s customer service presence becomes crucial. At the end of the day, however, statistics show that the number one reason that consumers decide to follow a brand comes down to special offers and promotional deals.


To put it simply, this new landscape calls for new tactics. If your brand does not choose to adapt, it will suffer greatly, but by adapting you will open your brand up to a customer base that you never thought possible and be able to hone the brand loyalty you always dreamed of. Take a look at the six ways Facebook builds brands in the social media age.


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