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Anatomy at 1220

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Anatomy at 1220

About Anatomy at 1220

Sweat, Enhance, Recover

Anatomy at 1220 is the result of a collaboration between fitness, sports science and nightlife veterans. Our mission was to create an intimate space where our friends can sweat, enhance and recover, all under one roof. We had you in mind when we developed every aspect of this unique facility and truly hope you love being a part of Anatomy at 1220.


The Anatomy at 1220 branding was created with the idea of an eye catching shape that is recognizable but unexplored. Using minimalistic approach of Leonardo Da Vinci to explore the idea of anatomy.

The idea behind the trademark was to combined two shapes. The unique placement of the circle and the square provide a historical reference of anatomy, perfectly highlighting the brand.

The logo consisted of making the brand feel elegant and rich. We knew right away that we needed to give reference to anatomy, therefore we used minimalist approach to combine a circle and a square that gives reference to Leonardo Da Vinci circle.

The cold colors are contrasted with bright and warm colors to create the feeling of an elegant, rich and high environment. The colors create a sense of prosperity, inspiration and motivation.

Choosing the correct typeface consisted of constant research, and paying close attention to the angle of the letter. Closely considering the x-height of each variable. The process consisted of choosing a font that was narrow but however had thick edges that way it was elegant and modern but timeless

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