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Brand Collateral

About Brand Collateral

Custom USB’s

Brand Collateral was formed and launched in 2015, its board has over 20 years of combined industry experience. A bright future lies ahead for us as we further develop our products using cutting-edge promotional technology. Our strategy is simple—provide the highest quality product at the best price. We believe that the following principles will be key in becoming the global leader for branded collateral.


For the Brand Collateral branding we wanted to keep a unique effect combining the letters “B” and “C” however we added the symbol of a drop, which was easy to merge, to enhance the logo with a unique look.

The geometric shape of the symbol is rounded, therefore it seemed fitting to the letters of “B” and “C” in combined together.

The logo was a process that consisted of making the brand feel timeless, modern and unique. We wanted to keep an elegant and rich logo, therefore we went with the idea of combining a symbol with typography that gives reference to custom printing services.

The decision consisted of bold colors which represented the printing services without being represented by the “cmyk” colors, that is choosing not only warm colors but colors that are subtle and easy to recognize.

It was not just choosing any font type, it was a creative process deciding which fonts best worked with a round symbol. We decided to utilize the most update typeface, creating rich content with sans serif fonts, that work splendidly light or bold and can be concedes to ultimately improve readability in smaller screens or any media screen for customers to find products the right way. 

Digital Marketing

Stilt Media combines Search, Display and Remarking Advertising to increment Client Sales.

Stilt Media, a creative agency catering to various aspects of digital marketing, remains on the cutting edge of the field while keeping in mind the time-honored paths to campaign success. Knowing that gaining full client confident right off the bat can be a challenge, it turned to Google AdWords Search Network All Features Campaigns, Display Only Network Campaigns, and Remarking Campaigns. Im combining search advertising with only the most dependable, bonafide opportunities for display, Stilt Media was able to broaden the brand reach for the client and convert new audiences across the web. The client, Brand Collateral, saw a dramatic increase in ROI and a display reach that was truly impressive at a cost-per-click rate 61% less than the cost of sear.


For Stilt Media, running Google AdWords Search Network All Features Campaigns, Display Only Network Campaigns, and Remarketing Campaigns was ideal in conveying to the client the full power and benefit of display advertising. “The reach of display advertising was tremendous,” says founder Guigo Simoes. “We can control the throttle for volume and see the direct effect in sales conversions, even if one campaign takes more measuring effort than the other. Display is certainly the next frontier for business prosperity. Our clients are often utilizing keyword searches that can be highly competitive, and that’s when we can generate incremental conversions with display.” In other words, these means of display advertising offer organic reach at a low price for clients.

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