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First Class Miami

About First Class Miami

Luxury and Exotic Car Rental

First Class rent a car is a licensed car rental provider offering luxury and exotic cars located in Miami and Orlando, FL. Founded in 1990, they were the very FIRST luxury and exotic car rental company to be established in Miami. Their business is family owned and operated; they are not a major corporation. They care about their clients very much, and they like to think of them as family. They meet every request to ensure a unique rental experience marked by a first class service. 


For First Class Miami branding the idea was to keep the shape of a car as the symbol in a unique, clean and simple form combined with a classy typography for the to be used together and separate in different ways. 

We wanted the brand not to just be an identity but to create a lasting and memorable presence. The logo came with the idea by keeping some of their old logo and the clients specifications, and our broad knowledge of logotypes. The whole structure was to create the perfect combination between shapes, modern and abstract. 

It was not just choosing the best font types, it was a long creative process deciding which fonts best worked print and web experience, it was a process on deciding the correct spacing and font size, classy and modern, it was a process professionally executed. 

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