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About FITTLab Miami

  FITTLab is a destination, a place where your health and wellbeing are scientifically assessed and pro-actively managed, so you can achieve and maintain a higher state of health and vitality. We use biochemistry and physiology to gain a more complete understanding of the body as a whole and each patient’s unique body composition and processes for a very personalized assessment and prescription for better health and wellbeing.


The branding case study for FITTLab, is the result of sharp designs with a very bold, heavy, approach which shows fitness.

We combined the same arched used on the logo to create the shape of DNA which works well with the concept of “Fitness” and “Lab”.

We decided on a modern shape consisting of two strands of DNA which represent the human body, fitness, and analytics. We used two different colors to show variety of cultures.

The colors were carefully chosen to show the glowing nature and positive mood of fitness. The colors create a sense of happiness and yields to calmness and serenity. It is intended to inspire and motivate audience.

The proper typeface consisted of a modern and edgy font. We first looked at successful fitness brands and decided to use rounded-bold fonts in order to appeal to a fitness-minded audience.

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