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Outer Reef Yachts


Outer Reef Yachts

Outer Reef is a semi-custom yacht builder of seafaring, efficient vessels capable of comfortable and quiet passages even in less than ideal conditions. Owner input, flawless craftsmanship and a relentless commitment to product improvement and enhancement are a hallmark of the brand. In a world of mass production Outer Reef stands apart in its dedication to building bespoke vessels for passionate boaters

The voice of the brand should reflect the attributes of its customers and target audience. An Outer Reef yacht is geared towards a family oriented, adventurous traveler. The owner of an Outer Reef is also often the operator and interested in the functional details of the vessel. The brand voice should be refined yet approachable. The voice is Independent in thought and spirit and strives to highlight the individuality and adventurous nature of the brand and its owners but never at the expense of omitting the practical aspects of the vessels.

The Outer Reef brand currently consists of three series: Classic, Trident and Nautilus. It is recommended that the series should always link back to the parent brand and avoid branding each line individually. This avoids diluting the Outer Reef brand and creates a consistent nomenclature for all current and future lines or series.

The voice and language for Outer Reef Yachts provides an opportunity to align the brand values with the aspirations and attributes of current and future owners. Consideration of the international nature of the company and its customers requires language that is easily understood and succinctly communicates the brand strategy.

This options uses the current brand water/wave icon as a starting point for evolving the brand identity. It departs from the original decorative mark to bring a bold sense of strength and dimension to the brand icon. It seeks to inject meaning to the water icon by weaving a O and R brand monogram into the emblematic wave form. It is fitting for a semi-custom yacht builder with a reputation for excellence to have an icon that is as unique as the vessels it builds.

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