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The Common

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About The Common

Travel Down a Road of Passion and Style

The Common is a grouping of independent business in one common space. As the sole luxury streetwear store in Ottawa we offer a curated selection of contemporary art, unique books and novelties. We are a destination shopping experience with one on one customer service and exclusive brands, offering local and international customers a chance to shop through a strongly curated list of brands, mixing high fashion with the latest in street fashion.


This development project is conceptualized as a street-influenced boutique retail, dining and entertainment space for the bold and fashion forward. Several complimentary tenants will share this branded communal space.

The word “Common” can be defined as something shared or combined. By combining the letterforms in the brand name, the idea of a shared or communal space with several entities coming together is simply and elegantly communicated.

In order to maintain the brand bold and modern we decided to choose a combinations of grays, black and white colors. However, we also decided to add a hint of a pink color to pop more the branding at some specific elements.

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