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Staying Up-To-Date With Web Tech Trends


Staying Up-To-Date With Web Tech Trends

Staying Up-To-Date With Web Tech Trends

These days, making sure your website is relevant and up-to-date is as important as ever. When it comes to your brand’s content, this could be relatively easy. Keeping informed when it comes to web technology trends, on the other hand, can be a bit of an uphill battle.

Luckily, BuiltWith provides visitors with trends from across the web to ensure that your site has the most current and applicable tech around. This free information on tech trends is updated weekly, regarding the most popular technology used on the web across all technology areas including analytics, advertising, frameworks and website widgets.

Trends are broken down into a multitude of categories, meaning you can find out anything from what email hosting providers are most popular to how many more websites (percentage-wise) are coded in PHP vs Ruby and others.

If you’re skeptical about the sample size, worry not– the analytics BuiltWith provides covers over 8,500 internet technologies and includes analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS and too many more to name. Moreover, these statistics come from data they’ve collected dated all the way back to November 2008. So, next time you’re trying to throw a trendy 2008 Global Financial Crisis themed party and need a site to promote it, you can find relevant tech to keep it authentic!

At the end of the day, keeping your brand relevant with the latest web tech is more important than it’s ever been. Doing so not only keeps your website up-to-date, but can even bring you more conversions than you’ve ever had. For instance, one of the hottest technologies on the web at the moment, according the BuiltWith, is the Facebook Tag API. This isn’t just a social toy, but a powerful tool that can be used to track custom audiences and conversion events. With services like BuiltWith, the task of finding relevant, helpful web tech just got much, much easier.

Now that you’re all caught up on web tech trends, let’s take a look at some Global Design & Color Trends released by Shutterstock and take your website to the next level!


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