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The Benefits of a Custom-Built Site

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The Benefits of a Custom-Built Site

The Benefits of a Custom-Built Site

These days, the majority of websites are developed using a CMS, or content management system, which allows the user to easily and quickly update their site with templates without having to consult with technical support. The most popular CMS is WordPress, which runs almost 20% of websites worldwide. Despite their popularity, there can be significant drawbacks to using CMS templates, such as:


  • Limitations in graphic design and navigation compatibility. Though there is some level of customization when using templates (especially the pricey ones), you will inevitably find yourself restricted by the template’s parameters when it comes to graphic design and site navigation.
  • Some templates aren’t responsive. Site responsiveness refers to how the website adapts to being opened on various devices, particularly mobile devices. With the boom in smartphone and tablet use (a whopping 50% using mobile as a primary internet source), having a responsive website is more vital than ever. Responsive sites are optimized automatically for whatever device is being used to view them. When it comes to website responsiveness, not all templates are created equal.
  • Functionality is limited. If you are trying to add e-commerce or other kinds of applications, forget using a CMS. Integrating these properties ranges from extremely difficult to downright impossible unless the template features that integration.
  • Security issues. Since most CMS services are open-source, their code is open to the public for collaborative improvement and bug fixes. This, however, is a double edged sword: when updates come out to fix holes in security, that is made public and hackers can expose these weaknesses on sites that haven’t updated yet. Not only does this make it easy for them to hack your site, it makes it easy for them to hack thousands of sites at a time.



The Value of Custom-Built Websites


When it comes to showcasing your brand, you shouldn’t take the backwards approach. The backwards approach would be trying to get a template to fit your brand, rather than having a site designed to fit you. By having a custom site built, your branding will be much stronger and consistent. Having your site custom-built brings a number of advantages, for instance:


  • Custom-built sites will grow with your brand. Custom sites are flexible, and down the road if you feel like making significant design and functionality changes, this won’t be a problem. If you are working with a template, you may need to start from scratch.
  • Custom-built sites are responsive. Custom sites are built to look and work great on whatever device the viewer chooses. The importance of having a wholly responsive site cannot be overstated as the popularity of mobile continues to explode. Google has even gone as far to announce a Google algorithm update which will favor mobile-responsive sites when searches are made from a mobile device.
  • SEO is better with custom builds. Developers who build websites from scratch have the technical prowess to make sure that your site is optimized for any search engine. This is vital to your digital promotion, especially if you have a key target demographic in a specific geographic area. Moreover, going with a developer that is a part of a Google Partners agency ensures that your site is fully optimized for the most popular search engine of all–Google.


 To make a long story short, a website can be your most powerful tool when done correctly, but can be your brand’s largest handicap if it’s poorly executed. Custom-built sites are better investments in the long run because they can grow with your business over time, and that’s the bottom line. For more on the benefits of a custom built site, check out the 3 Reasons Ruby on Rails Beats WordPress.

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