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The Importance of Choosing A Google Partner Agency

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The Importance of Choosing A Google Partner Agency

The Importance of Choosing A Google Partner Agency



Choosing the right agency can be difficult, and there are tons of ways of going about choosing an agency to handle your digital marketing needs. That being said, one of your top criteria should be whether or not an agency is a Google Partner. Having partner status shows that the digital agency knows what they’re doing and have an abundance of resources from Google to take your project to the next level. Becoming a Google partner isn’t easy, and there is a number of steps specified by Google that an agency must take in order to qualify; let’s take a look at some below.


Company Detail


Google requires agencies to create a Partner’s profile so they will be able to obtain all necessary information on the business to begin the process of qualifying them. This is an exhaustive first step and ensures that the agency is bonafide before the process even begins.


Certification Process


Here is where the agency’s talent and skill is showcased. In order to be a partner, an agency needs to become Google AdWords Certified. This ensures that only those who have the skill and knowledge of the Google back-end for paid marketing initiatives can achieve the status of being called a Google Partner.




Furthermore, Google puts spending requirements in place which need to be met in order to be considered. This ensures that the agency is not only gifted when it comes to Adwords, but also that the agency is capable of making sure that their clients have constant activity and thrive.


Best Practices


Google provides partners with a list of best practices when it comes to AdWords, which are designed to make sure that businesses will get the best marketing possible out of their agencies, so these guidelines must be adhered to in order to become and remain a Google Partner.


For more detail on how Google Partners works as well as the benefits of working with an agency that has Google Partner status, check out the infographic below:


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