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Why It’s Crucial To Update WordPress


Why It’s Crucial To Update WordPress

Why It’s Crucial To Update WordPress



If you are not accustomed to working on your WordPress site yourself, do not try to update it yourself, let your administrator do this for you. Though these updates can be easy to brush it aside and forget about it altogether, there are several seriously important reasons why you shouldn’t.


Just like other software on your computer, WordPress needs to be regularly updated. However, it differs from your normal computer software in the way that it is open source, which means that people are constantly on it trying to improve and fix old problems and add new features, meaning that updates come around pretty frequently.


Typically, WordPress releases updates for the following reasons:


  • To improve on features. New features that get released help make WordPress easier to use. If you wait too long, there will be a lot of updates for you to download at a time and it could cause problems with your site.
  • For safety This is possibly the most important reason to update. Updates can contain new security features to prevent hackers and other bad guys from breaking into your website, inserting malicious code or malware, and turning your world upside down. Not only can this harm your site, but you could lose your good position in search engine results
  • To fix bugs. Sometimes, if you are experiencing bugs on your site, an update will do the trick in fixing it. A lot of times this simple update could save you a lot of stress and, more importantly, keep people on your site longer.



Updating plugins is just as important as updating your WordPress, and the plugins should generally be updated first to prevent them from breaking with the new WordPress version. Outdated plugins are EXTREMELY vulnerable to security attacks, much like old software.

Consider this thought: when a new WordPress update (or plugin update) is released, a detailed “bug-fix” report is released with it. Hackers can find out what the weaknesses of the old WordPress versions are just by looking at these reports. Then, just by right-clicking the page and viewing page source, they can find out if your site is running an old version. If it is, your page is toast. The only way to avoid this is to keep everything updated.

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  • Rafael Tano

    It’s important to highlight that a client shouldn’t attempt to update the WordPress on their own because they risk breaking their website – It happens all too often. The little link at the top stating that there’s an update available at the top of a WordPress dashboard looks so harmless!

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