Competitive Analysis

Our Market Planning Analysis & Development (MPAD) Reports are not offered anywhere else. We develop strategies based on actionable insights by researching your brand’s competitors in digital space, or competitive analysis. First, we conduct a statistical analysis and a competitive market analysis of your brand’s biggest and most relevant competitors. In doing so, we can identify patterns in their market strategy and overall brand performance. Knowing the inner-workings of other brands on the digital competitive landscape can put your brand ahead of the curve when it comes to search results and digital marketing as a whole.

The business analysiswe run on the competition revolves primarily around popular keyword search terms and phrases in order to determine how to bolster your brand presence and SEO value. After hours of industry research we are left with an industry analysis of your market and can proceed with a concise plan for your brand moving forward. As with any business analysis, it is important to have data that is both substantial and verified. As Google Partners, we know that our data is the most up-to-date and accurate verified data available, and we proudly offer our MPAD reports as a service that is unique to our agency alone.

The Market Planning Analysis & Development (MPAD) report is invaluable to your brand when it comes to competing in the digital landscape. Having a competitor analysis that is streamlined and can tell you exactly what needs to be done to be on top is something that will take your brand to new heights and help you secure sales conversions from visitors. Furthermore, the resulting SEO value ensures that your brand does not get lost in the shuffle or end up on Google’s backpages, but rather is presented first and foremost when a keyword search is made.


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