Display Advertising

Online display advertising can be seen in a wide range of different formats and usually contains items such as texts, images, flash, video and audio. The main purpose of display ads is to deliver general advertisements and brand messages to the plus 40 million people connected to the Internet each month. Across display ad networks, advertisements can be strategically placed and designed to yield the highest number of conversions for your brand.

A creative agency is tasked with giving the display ads a shape and appearance. The result is effective ads that bring sales conversions to the brand and bolster its overall digital presence. We have to find the idea to be conveyed, as well as the most efficient and effective way to push this idea to the consumer. The process of creating effective ads requires imagination and innovation, and the tools used to accomplish this are invaluable.

An effective agency can create all types of ads, from text and image to interactive and video ads. A key component to any display advertising strategy requires getting those ads placed on websites that are relevant to your brand or what you are selling. Another component of display advertising involves what is called dynamic re-marketing, or showing those ads to the consumers and audience that are likely to be most interested in your brand or product based on their search history. Google ad networks allow you to place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs, and other niche sites to ensure that your brand reach is even greater than through standard methods. At the end of the day, display advertising is about reaching potential customers at the right place and the right time, which is a secure goal when you are working with the right creative agency.


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